Lab Mix
Coat Length: 

This super sweet, forgiving soul is Raven. We’re guessing she’s a lab mix, just over a year old, and will likely weigh over 40lbs once she’s back to a good body condition. Raven was a neglected tie-out dog with demodex (non-contagious mange). Her nails were extremely overgrown when we got her, “Ah! No jumping Ravenclaw!”, but after the name stuck, the nails had to go, and she laid in my arms like an angel while I cut them. She’s currently being treated for demodex (not contagious) and we expect her coat to make a relatively full recovery. Raven acts like she’s never been inside before, but she’s a gentle girl and is learning house manners super fast. She’s awesome in the crate and has already learned how to sit! She absolutely loves snuggling on the couch, behind-the-ear scratches, and is just starting to learn how to play. She’s met all sorts of other dogs, and although she can be a little timid of boisterous dogs, she’s been great with everyone she meets, and she’s even awesome with cats! 



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