Peanut Butter

Pit Bull
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Up-to-date with routine shots
House trained
No small kids preferred
No dogs preferred
No cats preferred
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Peanut Butter has been with us on-and-off since January 14, 2017 when we pulled him from Wytheville Shelter. He has been adopted and returned to AWFP twice after discovering he needs to be an only pet. He is an almost-7-years-old neutered pit bull. 

Here is what his previous adopter has to say about him: 
"Peanut Butter is a ham to say the least!!! He is such a happy guy. He likes to snuggle on the couch, he would prefer to be under a blanket. He has a fuzzy blanket that seems to be his favorite. He likes to sleep in. He likes to play fetch with his tennis balls and play tug-of-war--he will not let you win! He is a chatter box when he’s been left alone for a while and will greet you with lots of excitement and kisses! He will thank you for his breakfast and dinner! He is not a picky eater. He snores when he is really sleepy and comfy! He loves car rides, walks, and hikes. He does really well on a leash. He has the sweetest heart!!! He LOVES attention and loves people. He likes to lay next to you on the couch. He likes playing in water, but is not a fan of baths. He does not like his nails cut. He can sit, lay down, and shake. He is a good listener. "

Peanut Butter has the kindest heart, and would be a great addition to a family who has tons of love to give. One of his adopters had a teenager and a young child, and never reported any issues with PB being around them. He's been in the same home since then (over a year) and has not been around kids in that time. In his current home, he is not kept in a crate. He is left in a finished carport during the day with his crate opened and his bed and a blanket is in his crate. He does fine this way. 

He should not go to a home where he would need to be crated. In the past, he has destroyed crates. He has been known to get in the trash and steal food from the counter tops when left alone in the house, but most of the time he is fine. Peanut Butter's ideal home would be a house with a yard because he does tend to have a lot of energy, and when his energy is built-up, he tends to act out (get in trash, not listen that great, bark a lot inside). Walks or some kind of exercise is a must for him to be his well-behaved self. He needs a family that would be home a lot because he does have separation anxiety.

Please read through our adoption policies and requirements prior to requesting an application:

We require all animals in the household to be up to date on core vaccines. Dogs must be vaccinated against rabies, canine distemper, and Bordetella. They must also have a current heartworm test. Cats must be vaccinated against rabies and feline distemper. 

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