Pit Bull mix
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No cats preferred
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Nova is an awesome 3-year-old pit bull mix. She was a bit fearful at first, but it didn’t take much to get her love and attention. She is VERY food motivated and loves chewing on toys and bones. She will listen to you and ask for scratches and hugs as many times as you can give her. She did great with other dogs, but has a tendency to run after cats and bark at them. She gets very excited every time she sees one, but it's not hard to get her attention back. She has not been around kids yet. 

She does great in her crate, but loves to jump on the bed to cuddle too. Watch your ear lobes as she loves to lick them. Some work is needed for house training, but she is a fast learner. She learned to sit in two days! She loves going on walks and playing with toys. She would ideally love a house with a yard, but she will do fine in an apartment as long as she gets walked multiple times a day.

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