Pit Bull Mix
Coat Length: 
Primary Colors: 
dilute blue


Meet Marcus! This happy, tail-wagging pup came to us quite sad and broken, and in need of pain meds, possibly an amputation, and lots of healing time and cage rest. Radiographs showed several fractures in his pelvis and femur (rear leg). Despite all the pain he had to be in, he has stayed the sweetest, friendliest boy that loves everyone he meets! Dogs, cats, people, you name it! Marcus is a needy boy and spends most of the time snuggled up with his foster mom. He also loves cuddling with his doggy friends and finds that laying directly on top of them provides just the right level of closeness! Marcus will need some time to heal more from his injuries and won’t be ready to leave for several more weeks; BUT, he wants everyone to know that he’s now accepting applications! Please let us know if you’re interested in adopting him and we can provide more details about his injuries, surgery, and aftercare.


Please read through our adoption policies and requirements at prior to requesting an application. 


We require all animals in the household to be up to date on core vaccines. Dogs must be vaccinated against rabies, canine distemper, and bordetella. Cats must be vaccinated against rabies and feline distemper. 


All of our animals are in foster homes. We will schedule meet and greets after approving your adoption application to ensure our fosters are only meeting with serious applicants.